5 Things You Should Know Before Book Bali Trekking Tour – Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour net Being one of Bali trekking tour operator know all around the word, several times we get many kind of questions from our client around the world about Things You Should Know Before Book Bali Trekking Tour such as when is the best time to do Bali trekking tour, does we need a guide tour, Do I Need to be in Top Physical Condition and more. To answer those question, here I 5 Things You Should Know before Book Bali Trekking Tour to consider before booking your Bali adventure tour:

5 Things You Should Know Before Book Bali Trekking

At the summit of Mount Batur

1. When is the Best Time of Year to do Bali Trek or Tour?

As tropical climates Bali has only two seasons, there are wet season from November to April and dry season from about April to September. When is the Best Time of Year to do Bali Trek or Tour? The best time is during dry season, but don not rule out the wet season either. Some times during wet season the rains won’t fall down until later in the evening, so you still chance to do sunrise trek or mount batur morning tour without getting wet from the rain. Lately the weather changing because of global warming, we do often have rains in the dry season and sometimes dry in the wet season.

Beside of that, the thing to consider when planning your Bali trekking tour on the peak tourist season. The most people do Bali Trekking tour between June and September, and also during the end of Ramadan day, the Christmas holidays new year eve on December. Out of these time usually find less tourist doing Bali trekking tour, that will be better if you looking less tourist in Bali.

2. Do I need a tour Guide to Trek up the mountains?

Of course you need a tour guide, use too you can climb Mount Agung or Mount Batur without tour guide, but today our government role for every climbers must have a tour guide. The reason is safety of climbers, holy place according Hindu believe and many more. Beside of that, both mountains are still active till this time, so this activity can be very dangerous to climbers. Beside of that, weather conditions can very changing further you go up, a lot of case solo hikers have gotten lost coming up or going down during their hike.  By hire local guide, every climber will be safety because guides know the mountains very well, so they well when it’s safe to climb the mountain. Which trail should be taking and when is danger for climbing.

3. Do I need to be in Top Physical Condition to do Bali trekking tour?

Of course, that is depending which mountain will you hike, especially for Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking required Top Physical Condition and experiences climber but for Mount Batur Sunrise trek can normal Physical Condition or wide range of tours to suit all fitness levels and age groups. If you are on Top Physical Condition you can challenge tough Mount Agung treks or take an easy-going or take the easier one Mount Batur trek.

4. What Should I Bring on My Bali Trek Tour?

There is no matter what tour you take during your Bali trekking tour, proper walking shoes are confortable. Do not surprised while your hike because many local people wearing just flip flops or sandals for hike. Jacket and layers are important, despite not as cold as in Europe but wear clothes is a good idea. Sometime can be 5 degrees on the summit Mount Agung and 10 degrees on summit Mount Batur. Drinking water of course? That very important as well as snack and other energy food, how about torches, raincoat or trekking poles? Most of trekking organizer provides it as well as us. If you have own, it will be better, we’re welcome to bring your own as well.  Beside of that don’t forget camera, travel without camera meaning veggie without salt. Camera must for getting all those awesome photos that will be the one bring back to your home

5. What Happens if it Rains come on the Day of my Tour?

As nature we don’t know well about rains or not because that is Batur and also the weather in Bali can be unpredictable. During your tour possibility even in the dry season but that is not a problem because every tour company provides raincoat as well as Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Net Company. Beside of that, rains can often stop as quickly as they come and still have a chance to explore volcano, mountain and jungle as well. However, in case of extreme weather like high winds, heavy rains or electrical storms, the tour may cancel for safety reason and can do in the next day once the weather getting better. Regarding cancelation policies you might read here on term and condition tours.

That all regarding 5 Things You Should Know Before Book Bali Trekking Tour, I hope these articles can help answer any questions you have about your Bali Trekking or tour. If your question that isn’t answered here, please feel free contact us directly through WhatsApp +62821-4672-0930 or email info@mountbatursunrisetrekking.com

Bellow another information might useful for your Bali trekking Tour trip.

Mount Batur Sunrise trekking tour pick up and prices!


  • Seminyak / Kuta           1.45 am
  • Nusa Dua / Jimbaran    01.40 am
  • Sanur    02.00 am
  • Ubud     02.30 am

RATE 55 USD per pax

Note: Tour minimal 2 person