– If travel to some place of course try to fins the cost in each tourist site, same such as want to visit Kintamani and Batur Natural Hot Spring, you need to know about Batur Natural Hot Spring Price or the cost of entrance fees. The beautiful scenery and amazing Hot water bath of Toya Bungkah Kintamani would be memorable if you can soak this indulged Natural Hot Spring of the Island.

This Natural Hot Spring never empty of tourist, every day is always filled with foreign tourists and local tourists who want to feel the hit of Natural Spring and enjoying the beautiful landscape of Batur caldera. This spot worthy to visit for your holiday destination program with your entire family and will be best if can do combine tour Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking and Batur Natural Hot Spring.

The pool of Batur Natural Hot Spring

What is Toya Bungkah Bath

Toya Bungkah is name of village and place of Natural Hot Spring in Kintamani, the name of Toya Bungkah is taken from the word “Toya” which in the etymology of Balinese language has the meaning of water and the world of “bungkah” which has a meaning of water blow up from the rocks. So the meaning of Toya Bungkah is clear water that came out rapidly from between the rocks under Mount Batur. The fact is right that the water come out rapids from east slopes of Mount Batur witch temperatures around 38 degrees.

The Beautiful of Batur Natural Hot Spring Toya Bungkah

The view of Batur Natural Hot Spring look like ( sources )

Beside of the natural hot water bath facilities, Batur Natural Hot Spring toya bungkah also treated beautiful scenery and beautiful Lake Batur. In the afternoon, you can see lay blue color of water and fish men fishing around the Lake. There are also some fish farms around the Lake make the views more colorful. If you want try the taster of Lake batur fish, you can order signature Menus of Batur Natural Hot Spring, it called Mujair Pangngang and Mujair Nyat-Nyat, I think this a must while visit bali.

Batur Natural Hot Spring Price

There two famous Natural Hot Spring in Bali, the entrance fees for both natural hot spring are a bit different but still affordable. To be able to enjoy a healthy hot water you only spend around 15 USD to 20 USD for adult to Batur Natural Hot Spring and around 15 to 25 USD to Toya Devasya. With that money, you will get welcome drink, locket, towel, soap, shampoo and snack especially in Batur Natural Hot Spring and also there not limited time in the pool. While enjoying the hit of Natural Hot Spring, you may enjoy the sensation of fresh taste of hot water with a temperature between 38-39 degrees Celsius and it believe used as a treatment of various skin diseases. That all information about Batur Natural hot spring price of Batur Natural Hot Spring entrance fees, I hope this information useful for every readers Thank you.