Trekking Mount Batur without a Guide? Is It Possible? – Is it possible for trekking Mount Batur without a guide? You may believe that there is nothing impossible. It’s true that do trekking to Mount Batur without any guide is not impossible. Still, there are so many things to consider before you decide to go there without a guide.

How to Hike Mount Batur without Guide

Then, how can we hike Mount Batur without joining any tour or hiring a local guide with us? Here are some of the tips to follow on how to hike this mountain without a guide.

#1 Know When to Go

There has been an accident in the past that a couple of backpackers got surprised because of new eruption of Mount Batur when they are trekking to the mountain without a guide. To avoid things like this, you who want to hike this mountain without guide must know when the best time to go is.

There is no doubt that dry season is the best time to trekking Mount Batur since you will have more chance to see the spectacular view that it offers. In addition, you should know about the current temperature of Mount Batur volcano to make sure that you go at the right time.


#2 Select the Right Route

There are some possible routes that you can take to reach the summit of Mount Batur. If you want to go without a guide, it is recommended to select Toya Bungkah village since it is where most people start to hike to Mount Batur’s summit.

If you are physically healthy when trekking Mount Batur via Toya Bungkah village, you will only need to hike for about two hours only. However, if you take a wrong path, it is possible that you will reach the summit more than that.

#3 Understand the Basics

What we mean by understanding the basic is to know what you should bring, should wear and should prepare for your own body. When it comes to the things you bring, it is a good idea to carry some breads or snacks for breakfast since you will go early in the morning.

Then, you need to select the right clothes to wear as well. It is supposed to be cold during you are trekking Mount Batur, so wearing layers is absolutely a nice idea for everyone. You can think of wearing something like warm hat and gloves as well.

Recommended Alternative to Hike Mount Batur  

Even though it is not impossible to hike Mount Batur without a guide, it is actually not a recommended choice if you want to get the best experience of enjoying the adventure to Mount Batur. Going with a tour company and rent a local guide is still a perfect choice for your safety and your guaranteed wonderful experience.

As a result, searching for the right tour company that offers Mount Batur trekking is basically the best way to start it. If you need a recommended choice, you should first try and get the very best trekking Mount Batur tour package from this reliable tour company!


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