10 things you should know before climbing mount Batur for sunrise – Mount Batur or Batur Volcano well-known as the most popular mountain in Bali for sunrise trekking or know as  mount Batur trekking,  it one of challenging trekking activities after mount agung trekking that you have to do while travel to Bali. Mount Batur trekking is the most recommended Bali volcano trekking as seen on internet such as Voyagin, Tripadvisor, Viator , Lonely Planet and others online or offline guide Books.

Yoga on the top of Mt. Batur Bali

Mount Batur ( Gunung Batur) is the only one an active volcano in Bali that active until this time and it stand at altitude 1,717 meters high above sea level. This is the third highest peak in Bali after Mount Agung and Mount Abang. Mount Batur also considered as the second of the sacred mountain in Bali according to Hindu religion. Lately, over 350 hikers hiking mount Batur for sunrise every day, to concur this volcano take only 2 hours hike from starting point in Toyabungkah village. Awesome, lest climb Batur volcano you may think in your mind but it not as easy as you thinking. Before climbing mount Batur Bali, here below the 10 things you should know before climbing mount Batur for sunrise.

10 things you should know before climbing mount Batur for sunrise

1. Wake up early morning.

Of course wake up early morning if you want climbing mount Batur for sunrise because you’ll start your hike from the base camp starting point between 03.30 am to 04.00 a.m. If you stay in Seminyak the best time wake up at 1.3o am because your driver will collect at 01.45 am but if you stay in Ubud are can wake up 02.15 am because your driver will pick up at 02.30 am.

2. It is pick dark.

Imagine that if you walk up to the mountain in the morning at 03.30 am how dark is it? Of course pick dark, you need something to illuminate the darkness of night, torches in your head is the answer. So hike up to the volcano 2 hours in the darkness need a good head torch, heard torch is better than hand torch because both of your hand will be free to hold rock while climbing.

3. It is hard.

Yes I do, as a newbie hikers Mount Batur sunrise trekking is hard hiking, walking up on the basaltic volcanic rock, slippery and dark is pretty hard for very hikers, not only for newbie hiker but it hard too for experiences hiker. Imagine that, walking up to the mountain 2 hours through slippery and loss basaltic volcanic rock, it is hardcore you know! Plus getting up at 1 or 2 am does not leave you any energy.

4. It is cold at the summit.

While hiking up to the summit of course your body will produce water (sweaty), your cloth will be wet and once you reaching the top will be cold.  There is not as cold as in winter in Europe but it quite cold as your cloth was wet, it can be bellow than 10 degrees. So, provide extra sweater and jacket in the best way to anticipate it.

5. There is available volcanic kitchen on the summit.

Och volcanic kitchen, how come? Yes there are available many volcanic kitchen on the summit, if you have fresh Egg or Bananas you may cooked it in the ground, just put in the ground and then closed by grass, waiting 10 minutes ready for eat. That cooked by stem of an active volcano, we called volcanic kitchen because it cooked by hit of volcanic, that awesome right?

6. Monkeys can steal your stuff.

There some monkeys live in the crater, they will go out once climber having breakfast, and sometime if you are not care with your breakfast, camera, hat or etc… they will steal it. Some monkeys are naughty right? So be careful with your stuff, they will steal your stuff if you are careless. The monkey will practically be laughing in your face.

7. The view is Amazing.

Mount Batur Sunrise trekking totally worth it wakeup early morning and hike 2 hours in the pick dark. Views from the top just amazing, sun rise up and change the sky color into yellow and bright, plus brighten the beauty of landscape. It is truth paradise of Bali. You may see Rinjani Mountain in Lombok, Mount Agung, Mount Abang and Lake Batur as well, wear you’ll fall in love with the views offer.

8. The way down is challenging as the way up.

After spending a lot of energy to concur 1,717 meter above sea level of course you will tired. While going down your energy not as good as going up, your legs will be shaking and ache. Here is the problem will you get while going down, fell challenging, pain and there a lot of loss rock made your descent much challenging than your ascent. This trip required proper hiking boots and hiking poles as well.

9. Mount Batur as the second sacred mountain.

Mount Batur Bali Mount Batur also considered as the second of the sacred mountain in Bali according to Hindu religion. Every once a year local villager around the volcano held big ceremony on the mountain, they also do sacrifice ceremony to balance between human, nature and God, every woman who pregnant and had menstruation period really forbid to climb Mount Batur Bali.

10. Can be 300 people on the summit to capture sunrise.

If you think climbing mount Batur will avoid hustle and bustle tourist in Seminya, Kuta and Ubud is 100% wrong!!! There is over 300 tourist will waiting sunrise on summit, it is difficult to get private palace to enjoying sunrise. But you go to the less busies tourist on the north summit or more lest on the northwest summit.

That all about the 10 things you should know before climbing mount Batur for sunrise might be useful for every reader who want climb mount Batur for sunrise. If there any tips or idea to completing this article please feel free to contact me through WhatsApp or Email on contact us that we provided.

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  • Seminyak / Kuta           1.45 am
  • Nusa Dua / Jimbaran    01.40 am
  • Sanur    02.00 am
  • Ubud     02.30 am

RATE 55 USD per pax

Note: Tour minimal 2 person