Lake Batur Bali (Sources

Mount Batur has erupted many times. The eruption of mount Batur recorded in the history began in 1804 and the last eruption occurred in 2000 17 years ago. From 1804 to 2005, Mount Batur has erupted 26 times and the most devastating occurred on 2 August and ended 21 September 1926. The hot lava flow destroyed Batur village and Ulundanu Temple.

The new village rebuilt on the edge of the caldera south of Kintamani, it called Kalang Anyar.The new temple rebuilt as well, it is still famous as the most beautiful temple in Bali. Ulundanu temple dedicated to honor “Dewi Danu”, the goddess of water.

Batur Mountain area is famous and the best tourist destination in of Bangli Regency and in Bali as well. According to the story in Lontar Susana Bali, Mount Batur is the peak of Mount Mahameru which moved by Batara Pasupati for palace of Dewi Danu (Dewi Danu’s palace). Every once a year, all Hindus from all around Bali come to Ulundanu Temple  for worship Dewi Danu (The water goddess of the Balinese Hindus or belief-system of the water. She is one of two supreme deities in the Balinese tradition.) By delivering worship, the area of ​​Mount Batur and Bali as well becomes fertile and safety for disaster.

This areas that can be highlighted as a tourist attraction is beauty of Batur caldera, stunning sunrise from top of Mount Batur, Natural hot spring and the lake. There is a stream of water in the ground that drains from Lake Batur, which appears to be a spring in some places all around Bali and is considered holy water that can watering plantation.

On the east coast of Lake Batur there is nested a village called Trunyan, it Bali Aga village.  Although the entire population of Trunyan is Hindu but they claim that Hindu Trunyan is the original Hindu of Bali,. The unique thinks in this village is cemetery, the body dead not buried but placed on the rock and it not produces bad smell. That the unique one cemetery in Bali.