– When talking about Bali, many people immediately associate it with its beaches. Fair enough, because Bali is known for the beauty of hundreds of its beaches. However, Bali also has no less beautiful place that is at the top of Mount Batur, climbing mount batur for sunrise is the one you should do.

Mount Batur is one area that many tourists especially attractive to foreign tourists in Bali. This mountain is indeed known to offer exotic scenery of sunrise.

Landscape look from top of Batur volcano

The climbers will begin climbing at 04.00 am, passing through the sandy path. This path quite easily passes because the path is still flat. After passing through the sandy path, climbers will walk between the reeds. The streets are cobbled and began to climb. However, in this phase of the line still is easily passed up to the next minute 10 climbers will find a way that is more uphill and rocky big.

The tour guide will be happy to accompany tourists who want to take a break. Usually tourists ask guides to stop before reaching a small temple called Pura Tampuryang. In this temple of almost all the prayer guide for a moment. “Normally the guide asked for permission first before doing the climbing, so that everything goes smoothly, said I Jero Susun, a tour guide from the Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Com.

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According to the beliefs of the people of Bali, the mountain is a sacred place, “thus we must ‘ excuse me ‘ in advance before boarding,” said born April 23, 1990. From a place of prayer, it took about 1 hour to reach the top of Mount Batur. From Tampuryang, the line climbed higher and rugged. Accounting for more than 10 times the climber asks to take a break while collecting energy.

A few minutes after arriving at the Summit, golden color in the sky begin to be seen from the eastern horizon. View of Mount Abang and Mount Agung from the same side ever seen. The panorama grow prettier when Lake Batur increasingly plain to see.

While enjoying the beauty of the sunrise on the Summit of Mount Batur, the climbers can enjoy a varied breakfast mount Batur. Eggs cooked in hot steam and a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Even though it can be achieved for 2 hours, the trek toward the mountain peaks as high as 1717 meters above sea level is indeed quite challenging especially for beginners. Therefore it takes special preparation for climbing the mountain. In addition, for those of you, who are unfamiliar with low temperature, sit better use training pants and jackets.

There are two ways to climb the mountain. The first is way of backpacking and by ordering the tour package. The price offered package tours of the mountain climbing around 50 USD/person to 55 USD/person. However, the price already includes a shuttle from the hotel, the breakfast, and the cost of the Guide. If  you are not interested in using the services of a tour, you can directly go to the post mount Batur and register directly. Price pegged starting from 35 USD/person.