7 tips Mount Batur Trekking Beginner is important tips for newbie hikers who want concur the active volcano in Bali Mount Batur Volcano. As we know, trekking is an outdoor activity that can be done by anyone whether kids, mature and even seniors can perform this activity. For sure mountaineering activities need special preparation especially for beginner.

7 tips Mount Batur Trekking Beginner

Mountaineering activities are not only concur summit, selfie and back down to the base camp but there is a lot of value that we can take form such as: While life, nature, culture, climbs, selfish, thirsty, sleepy, hungry, injuries, heavy weighs, extreme weather and so on.  Such as in the life, to achieve the peak of life as a good career, highly education, a glorious achievements of course to grab all of that will get through challenge and obstacles.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

By climbing mountain we can understand the micro of our lives in the real world. Beside of that, many think we can take from climbing a mountain like team work, teamwork, hold selfish, tolerance, metal assistant, mental and physical coaching and also coached our soul and spirit to be truth human being. Because of that, each climbers have right preparation before began the trek. Here bellow 7 tips Mount Batur trekking beginner may be a little help getting started:

 7 Tips Mount Batur Trekking Beginner

1. Planning the climb

The first tip is careful planning. Site selection, weather conditions, climbing routes, the number of climbers, period time of hike and equipment must be prepared. Don’t forget to get official permission from the parties concerned or booked a guide in advance.

2. Physically and mentally preparation

The next tip is prepare your physically and mentally before hike despite Mount Batur Bali only 1,717 meter above sea level, the preparation like doing exercises on a regular basis so that the body is not shocked when during your hike.

3. Learn more about the terrain and route that will concur

Know well about terrain and the route is a very important thing. At least in one group of mountaineering have local guide who know well the terrain and rotes of hike. Here you may contact us as your local guide.

4. Prepare the right thing and the useful for your hike

The right thing you should prepare are proper hiking shoes, shock, glove, jacket, raincoat (rain poncho), trekking poles, change suits, flash light Frist Aid, food and drink. If you book Mount Batur Trekking with us you need prepare only jacket, sock and trekking shoes, the rest equipment we provided.

5. Set the management of logistics and food sufficient

Despite mount Batur only 1,717 meter above sea level but food very important for each hiker, bring a light meal, concise but contains enough calories. Do not carry and consume alcoholic beverages because even though it is warm but alcoholic drinks can trigger the outbreak of blood capillaries because capillary blood too quickly expands in the body.

6. Obtain permission and or book a guide for your hike

Before the climbing mount Batur please report and obtain permission from related parties or book your tour in advance or contact us for your local guide. If you book with us, we everything will be okay as we are local p[guide who born and grow up just on the foot of Batur volcano, there is a rol of government not allowed people hike without guide.

7. Do not damage the natural environment as well as possible and keeping the nature.

Enjoy the beauty of nature without destroying or hurting nature will certainly be more beautiful. Therefore during your hike, avoid acts that can damage the natural by doodles, catching animals, picking flowers with our permission, cut the vegetation of indiscriminate, and discard the rubies non-organic. Trash, especially plastic waste produced during the ascent should be collected in a plastic bag and taken down and dumped in a trash can in the post of the ascent.

By following 7 tips Mount Batur Trekking Beginner, your hike can successfully match expectations and inevitable from things like unwanted stray. Because in principle, a climbing Mountain is not only to reach the top of the mountain, selfie but also must able to keep the nature and safety return home.

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