Things You Should Know About Mount Batur Trekking – Mount Batur is an active volcano nested in Kintamani district, it is the active one volcano today in Bali and towering on 1.717 meters and 5,633 feet. Batur volcano offers beautiful view of Lake Batur, black lava flow from last erupted 1926 and beautiful scenery surrounding.  Are you photographing? Or only want to have the best one experience while in Bali, the best way to enjoy this moment is stunning sunrise from top of Batur volcano Bali or you can do Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour.

Things You Should Know About Mount Batur Trekking

1. When the best time hike mount Batur.

If you have plan travel to Bali and want climb mount Batur, choose April to November, those moths the best time travel to Bali because the sun always sunny you enjoying the exotic nature of Bali Island. Bali is tropical area there are available two different seasons, its wet and dry season. The sun always rises between 06.15 am to 06.30 am and set around 06.00 am. If you want climbing mount Batur for sunrise, you should wake up early morning at 2.30 am from Ubud area and 1.40 am from Seminyak or Kut area. Your hike will strat from base of Mount Batur at 4 am and take 2 hour to the summit. The sun rises between 06.15 am to 06.30 am.

2. How is the difficulty of Mount Batur Bali?

Actually Mount Batur able to do everyone who has good to average fitness level, the class of difficulty level is easy, moderate to difficult. If you start your hike form Purajati will be moderate to difficult and take around 2.5 hours to the actual summit. If you start from Toyabukah, private path and the recommended one take approximate 2 hours to the summit and level of difficulty id easy to moderate. If start your hike for Serongga and called the close one but the difficult one take approximate 2 hours too but the trail are sandy and rocky, level of difficulty is difficult.

3. The price of Mount Batur trekking tour?

There are available 2 different price for guide up Mont Batur, the different you can see from kind of tour, if choose sharing tour can get 45 to 50 USD per person and 55 to 60 USD per person for private tour. There big different benefit between sharing and private, if sharing tour one car can be 6 to 7 passengers and 1 guide can leading over 4 guests. The problem for sharing tour are, late pick up, late to see sunrise and can be climbing alone because your guide will leading the others, sharing tour absolutely get a lot of trouble. How about private tour? This is the best one tour for Mount Batur trekking or mount Batur sunrise trekking because you will accompany with Private experiences driver ad Private experiences local guide only for you! The tour can book online through WhatsApp, Email or cal reserve through website.

4. What we can see and experiences on Mount Batur?

There some interesting things you may experiences during your Mount Batur tour, the most popular is stunning sunrise but still some other thing such as experiences the hit of hot steam where local guide boiled Egg or Bananas in the ground. Put inside, close by grass, waiting 10 minute, take out, cleaning and eating. Stunning amazing sunrise from 1.717 meters above sea level, this is the popular one sunrise in Bali. The sun will rise between 06.15 am to 06.30 am beside of Rijani Mountain in Lombok Island. Once the sun comes up, color of the sky can change slowly from dark, to red and get yellow. That the best time for stunning universe of Batur volcano, beside of that landscape and Lake Batur made Mount Batur view worth to visit. During on the way down to the main crater you may feed group of monkeys, this monkey not aggressive as monkey in Monkey forest Ubud, prepare some fruits, break or biscuits will be better for you.

That all about Things You Should Know About Mount Batur Trekking might useful for you before ahead to climb the native one volcano in Bali. It there anyone have idea to completing this articles, please do not hesitate to contact me or email me though contact us available on this site. Thank you very much, I Jero Susun.

Pic up Time for Mount Batur Trekking

  • Seminyak / Kuta           1.45 am
  • Nusa Dua / Jimbaran    01.40 am
  • Sanur    02.00 am
  • Ubud     02.30 am

Price is 55usd perperson

Nb: Minimal 2 Person!