Mount Batur Temperature – Mount Batur Bali has an elevation 1,717 meters above sea level, this is Bali volcanic active surrounded by black lava and Lake Batur in the east part. Before take a Mount Batur trekking or Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour the most important things you must know is weather or temperatures in this area of the mountain, especially on the summit. Weather forecast very important because sometime the weather become very bad, rains all day and nothing to see once reaching the top Mount Batur Temperature can be very low.

Sunrise look during good weather

During month of December to beginner of April Mount Batur Temperature can be 17 – 12 degrees on the summit before sunrise due to the weather extreme because of annual cycle season in Bali. During those months, sometime visitors can’t see anything because all the mountain block by cloud, only few meters distance you can see from the summit. So, before take tour to Mount Batur, make sure use your smart phone to find the right weather forecast and ask someone who live near by the volcano or you can ask the company who organize your mount Batur trekking tour, it will be better for you.

On the summit of Mount Batur during bad weather ( 14 degrees)

For tourists who coming in the month of February should prepare an umbrella or raincoat before leaving the hotel because this month usually morning rain so raincoat and umbrella will help us simplify during your trip. Mount Batur Temperature during this month can be 15 to 10 degrees if the weather very bad. Prepare your own jacket, layers and raincoat to protect your body from the chill of Mount Batur Temperature.

Tips hiking mount Batur while bad weather

  • Bring jacket and layers – The temperatures on the summit can change quite drastically from 20 degrees to 10 degrees in the base of the volcano to the summit. On the first hike is okay but once reached the top will be very windy and cold while wait for the sun to come up.
  • Wear proper shoes – Especially after rains will be slippery during on the way up and down, make sure wear shoes with good gear. Sport shoes is fine but trekking shoes will better option.
  • Prepare headlamp – Mostly participants use hand lamps but headlamp will be better for you while you hike in the darkness, both you hand will be free and it plus value if you pack headlamp. I would opt for that over a flashlight because there will be difficult sections of the trail where you will be using your hands to hoist up yourself.
  • Consider fitness level – Despite mount Batur only 1,717 meters above sea level may not sound like a big volcano but keep in mind that the incline is steep volcano. There is few people along the trail decided to returned because not strong enough, so think about whether or not because total distance 9 km up and down.
  • That all about Mount Batur Temperature what should to do and what should to prepare, if there any tips or information to complete this article do not hesitate to cntact me through WhatsApp at +62821-4672-0930 if can email me at Bellow another infor might useful for all of you, Mount Batur sunrise Trekking tour itinerary!


    • 01.45 – 02.30 am: Pick up in your villa/ hotel /guest house or AirBnB all around Bali.
    • 03.45 am – Reaching the starting point and then introduction to the guide.
    • 03.50 am – Start your hike, will takes approximate 2 hours to the top.
    • 05.50 am – Arrive at the top enjoying sunrise and having breakfast.
    • 07.00 am – Exploring the main crater and then descend to different way.
    • 09.00 am – Arrive back at car park and then visit coffee plantation.
    • 10.00 am – Visiting the coffee plantation (optional free).
    • 12.00 pm – reaching your accommodation (hotel).


    • Private experienced English speaking driver and local trekking guides.
    • Light breakfast (banana sandwich, hot drink, egg, fruits, biscuits).
    • Flashlights or torch & safety trekking equipment.
    • Entrance fees to the area & parking fee.
    • Mineral water during your hike.


    • Hiking shoes and Jacket
    • Long pants and Camera


    • Seminyak / Kuta           1.45 am
    • Nusa Dua / Jimbaran    01.40 am
    • Sanur    02.00 am
    • Ubud     02.30 am

    RATE 55 USD per pax Minimal 2 paxs!