– If you are a hobby of trekking, you should not miss the sensation of amazing Adventures on Mount Batur,  this volcano is still active. Even from the ground cracks and rocks are still visible the smoke out. But don’t worry about it, despite Mount Batur still active, it is guaranteed to be secure.

Mount Batur is located in the Kintamani, Bali, one line to hot spring Toya Bungkah. In east beautiful mountain slopes, there is largest lake in the Island, it known as Lake Batur. When you climb Mount Batur halfway of the mountain, you can see the beauty of Lake Batur, It’s can indeed spoiled the eyes. The vast blue expanse of the sights more complements the beauty of your eyes can feast on point of view, this amazing adventure on mount Batur is worth to try.

Amazing adventure of Mount Batur

For you tourists who have never trekking a mountain, you don’t have to be worries about trekking route, the trek is easy. In addition, Mount Batur has included the ranks of the Geopark. Before you start trekking, you can negotiate best deal with us as guide, we offer affordable rates and safely in the budget.

Our team has been very well trained for Mount Batur sunrise trekking, so do not doubt with our capabilities and services. Not only well-trained, our team also professional and experienced as well. Safety trekking, going smoothly and fun. Moreover, you can see the panoramic beauty of sunrise on Mount Batur and create a memorable experience.

The exhausting treks will be gone when you come to the site and watch the sunrise. From a height, as if you’re above the clouds. In addition, you can feel the air is very cold and fresh because the temperature between 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. Cold air will create a sense of tired and felt a asleep become lost. The natural beauty of panorama make fall in love. While enjoying the view, you can take picture as much as you want. Don’t forget also to capture these moments by taking photos together.

Some tips for Mount Batur sunrise trek before ahead!

When you want to do trekking in the Mount Batur to see the sunrise, there are some tips you need to consider as belllo:

  • The first tip is selecting the right day and time. It’s good you do trekking during summer in Bali, which is from April to October.
  • Go with someone else or patners. In addition, you should also collect a lot of friends to go trekking.
  • Make sure before your day doing trekking, you rest enough. Make sure your body condition also are in a condition fit.
  • Prepare trekking gear! For gear, you bring a flashlight, hat head covering, gloves, socks, shirt thick, jacket thick, stretchy pants, shoes, bread, beverages, camera, wet tissue, and a backpack.