– Bali sunrise trekking tips, there are numerous beautiful mountains in Bali and very interesting to concurred, from easiest, moderate and difficult one. Trekking in Bali or well-known hiking in Bali will give you a different experience that you have never felt in your life. If you visit Bali, set up your travel itinerary to visit the famous one volcano in Bali for capture sunrise ‘Mount Batur” or the challenging one “Mount Agung”. Here bellow some tips for your Bali sunrise trekking tips that might be useful for your hiking activities.

Bali Sunrise Trekking Tips

Trekking poles a good tips for Bali sunrise trekking

1. Lear about the mountain will you conquer.

Learn all the information about the mountain you are going to conquer, it include the activities of volcano, terrain characteristics, climatic conditions and safe as well. The best way through internet (Google) or other mass media, from that information you can find the right local guide, price and onther thing related with hiking activities.

2. Weather Forecast

Of course the weather very important for every hiker because everyone don’t want waste time for hike but nothing to see from the top (blocked by cloudy), it can damage your desire to see sunrise and beautiful scenery around as well.  So, make sure the weather is good enough when you do your hike by checking local weather forecast on the internet or ask your tour operator about it.

3. Maintain your physically fitness

Sure hiking to the mountain (Batur, Abang or Agung) requires good physically fitness but before ahead you have to keep your health. Sleep enough or rest enough, doing exercise and consumes some healthy food and drink pure water.

4. Hiking gear and outfit.

Hiking gear and other outfit very important for your hike because sometime hiker don’t prepare well about it and can be a problem during their hike. So, wear comfortable shoes and make sure the shoes have good gear for hike. The other outfits you must bring are warm jacket, extra T-shirt, dash mask, hat and glove as well. Don’t forget bring your sunglass and sunblock to protect your skin from sunshine. The Other important hiking equipment that needs to be carried is a headlamp.

5. Bring enough supplies

Everyone who hiking mountain bring kind of supplies but some of they don’t know well which one supplies good for hike Mount Batur of Mount Agung. The important one you have to bring is water, aside of that you can bring any food and supplement for energy but no don’t bring hard food it will damage your hike. Because hard food stomach during your hike and want find rest room, the problem if on the mountain not available rest room. It can be problem for everyone, so bring enough water, supplement and food but not hard food.

That all about Bali sunrise trekking tips might be useful for you when you have a plan about hiking Mount Batur, mount Agung or other mountain in Bali. You can contact us if you are interest to do Sunrise trekking in Bali such as mount Batur sunrise trekking, Mount Agung sunrise Trekking, Batur caldera sunrise trekking or other trekking in Bali. We have some interesting package that suitable with your need when hike.