– Looking for hots destination in Bali that offers a Natural Hot Water? If yes, Let’s visit Batur Natural Hot Spring Toya Bungkah.

Well, what is Batur Natural Hot Spring Toya Bungkah? Where the water source come from and what is are the benefits for therapy? How much Batur Natural Hot Spring Entrance fees you we have to prepare if you want to soak in Natural Hot Spring?

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While soaking Batur natural hot spring toya bungkah

Well to answer all the above questions, here bellows we are invite you to find out more information below.

1. Batur Natural Hot Spring

Traveler’s, there are many Places to Visit in Bali as a favorite tourist destination which offers exotic nature of Bali, some spot that tempting and pamper for vacation, one of them is Batur Natural Hot Spring Toya Bungkah.

This is a tourist attraction in Kintamani which is very interesting and nice for visit to relaxation muscle with bathing in hot water event of Batur Natural Hot Spring. The location is very strategic, located on the western edge of Lake Batur and the most beautiful caldera in the world.

2. Sources of Natural Hot Spring

The sources of Batur Natural Hot Spring Toya Bungkah from depth of about 650 meters below the surface, well in the hot springs in the center of the depth of the ground, the water temperature in it is believed to reach no less than 50 degrees.

Once the hot water is out through the boulder, then the hot water channeled to the each pool of Batur Natural Hot Spring. The water temperature will be reduced to about 38 – 40 degrees Celsius, plus the temperature of Lake Batur area is very cool of course water temperature even quickly down.

3. Places of treatment, therapy and relaxation.

Are you known that the hot water that comes out from the source of the earth of Mount Batur is flowed into the pond without any processing so that why called Batur Natural Hot Spring Toya Bungkah, it is very natural.

This natural hot spring believed to contain many elements / substances are very good and nutritious for health. It also very good for therapeutic treatment of pain such as body bruising, rheumatic disease or gout can very quickly feel the healing effect. Soaking Natural hot spring near beautiful Lake Batur very good for relaxation and skin rejuvenation process.

4. Batur Natural Hot Spring entrance fees

The latest official admission price for tourists who want to enter ​​ Batur Natural Hot Spring Toya Bungkah is between 20 USD to 15 USD per person. The above ticket price may change at any time, and the rate  above you are entitled to a facility such as:

  • Ticket can be exchanged free Welcome drink (Juice, Soft Drink)
  • Free Rental Towels
  • Shabs and Shampoo
  • Locker