Exploring Mount Batur Bali – Climbing mountain is one of outdoors activity that is quite engrossing, this activity make tourists being closer to nature. In Bali there are available a lot of trekking such as volcano trekking, jungle trekking or paddy’s trekking that can be enjoyed by both local travelers as well as foreigner. One of them is climbing mount Batur or Mount Batur surnise trekking. This trek offers a captivating beauty and challenge for the climbers, it’s has been chosen as the latest challenge nativities in Bali Island.

Mount Batur tour

Mount Batur climbing activity is not something new. Local tourists have already done it since the early 1970. First ascent of Mount Batur is no more just a hobby but now it has developed into a business that makes dollars. Caused of vigorous promotion by the travel aget, social media and other others, currently climbing has become the mascot of the mount Batur tour. And not only climbed to the top of Mount Batur but many tourists activity can do in the area.

Most people climb Mount Batur at in the morning at about 03.00. After climbing about 2 hours, then waiting for sunrise on the mountain top, lately average of 200 people every day climbing mount Batur for sunrise, if in weekend can be more crowded again.

On the east solves of the Mountain Lake Batur looks beautiful from a height, if the fog does not obstruct the view. The Lake became so beautiful with the composition of Mount Abang in the back side. However, the fogs often impede clarity of the view over the Lake. Sloping incline and a sandy path, it is heavy enough to be passed over. But walk slowly with a careful, will take you to the top of the mountain. If good stamina, this trip is can done by 1 to 1.5 hours from the point to the summit.

Standing at the top of Mount Batur your eyes can perceive, you could stare almost all south of Bali. See to the west can see is the region of Kintamani and west of Bali. On the East side of Lake Batur and continue to look behind it Mount Abang and Gunung Agung mountain. The trio formed a parallel point from the lowest to the highest. Mount Batur is the lowest altitude 1,771 meters above sea level, then Mount Abang at an elevation of 2,152 above sea level, as well as Mount Agung, which is at an altitude of 3,142 above sea level, it’s the highest mountain in the Island.

Batur Bali’s is the best place in the Isna you should complete because you able to take both activities between hike and soaking Natural hot spring. The ascent of Mount Batur can end with a bath in the Lake Natural Hot Spring, it between the process of climbing and bath and see the stunning views.
The Perks of Mount Batur Bali.

According to travelers who have been repeatedly climbed this mountain, mount Batur had a number of perks that don’t have many other mountains in Indonesia archipelago, including mountain that is in their country. Mount Batur is already known since a long time as a place of climbing around the year 1970, a lot of students and nature lover often doing the climb to the Summit of this mountain.

At first, the students to climb Mount Batur in daylight not for sunrise, even then they do just a hobby to find flowers edelweiss as souvenirs. But then, they ‘ replace with ‘ bow to climb Mount Batur on early morning to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. In the past, tourists who want to climb Mount Batur usually start from Denpasar before dawn, than climbed in the morning.

Climb mount Batur Bali was now honors celebrities to foreign tourists. To reach mount Batur, travelers can start from all around Bali because tour organizer able to pick up where are you stay in Bali. Moreover, today you can start their trip straight from Toyabungkah. This is a village that lies on the banks of Lake Batur, that all about exploring Mount Batur Bali