Mount Batur trekking in Bali is just a hype! It’s now become a popular activity to do for any Bali traveler. If you are into outdoor activity and want to challenge yourself hiking one of the most ancient and sacred mountains in Bali, joining a tour to Mount Batur will be perfect!

What Is the Best Tips to Hike Mount Batur for Beginner

First-time Traveler, This Is the Best Tips for Mount Batur Trekking in Bali

However, as a first-time hiker to Mount Batur, are there any tips to get the most of the hiking? Absolutely right! Here we have some of the best tips to hike Mount Batur for beginner.

#1 Consider Your Physical Condition

If you have browsed about Mount Batur before, you may have known that many suggest that hiking Mount Batur is basically not tough. However, it is better if you hike the mountain when you are fit physically so that you can get the most of your trekking.

It will take around two hours to summit Mount Batur. It might be short for a trekking, but you still need to prepare for your peak performance so that you can battle this Bali sunrise trekking well!

#2 Consider the Best Routes to Summit

Mount Batur sits 5,633 ft above the sea level and there are some possible routes to take to summit the mountain. For beginner, it is recommended to summit the mountain via Toya Bungkah village. Via this village, you will only need two hours to arrive on the summit.

However, if you are an experienced hiker or climber, you can challenge yourself to take Mount Batur trekking via Serongga. Different to Toya Bungkah route, the route via Serongga is less busy. This route will involve scrambling across eucalyptus and pine trees as well as lava and sand field.

#3 Prepare for the Hike

For sure, you need to prepare for your hike as well. Once you decide to go for a trekking to Mount Batur, here are some guides to prepare for the hike.

  • Warm clothes: Even when you are not camping overnight, waiting for the sunrise on the summit means that it’s going to be cold. Consider wearing clothes that are not difficult to layer and remove because you’re going to get sweaty too!
  • Footwear: It is another important thing to prepare before your Mount Batur sunrise trekking. If possible, you should hike with hiking boots. In case you don’t prepare for one before you come to Bali, you can go for comfortable shoes which give you such good grip.
  • Food and drink: If you want to save on food and beverage, you can carry your own. However, you can consider purchasing from local sellers too in order to keep your backpack light.

Final Thoughts

And there is one more thing before you go for hiking: the right tour company! Booking a sunrise trekking via a tour company is highly recommended to hike Mount Batur. For suggestion, you can visit www.mountbatursunrisetrekking.netor to find the best deal for Mount Batur trekking package.