If you think that Mount Batur sunrise trekking is only about trekking to the summit of Mount Batur to witness the magnificent sunrise view, you must think about it again. In fact, you can also combine your trekking experience with relaxing hot spring tour.

Is It Possible to Get Relaxed at Natural Hot Spring after Hike Mount Batur?

At top of Mt. Batur

Sure, it is highly possible for you to enjoy such relaxing natural hot spring after your tiring, but exciting adventure on Mount Batur. Located downhill, you can head toward the hot spring right after hiking down the mountain.

If you are interested to get relaxed at Mount Batur hot spring after hiking the mountain, you can consider taking a combined tour. There have been some reliable tour companies that offer such experience. Keep reading and we’ll tell you some recommendation for this.

What to Expect from Natural Hot Spring and Mount Batur Tour

Get Relaxed at Natural Hot Spring after Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking, Why Not?

Then, what can we expect once we take Mount Batur trek and hot spring packages? Of course, there will be so many fun things that you can anticipate from the tour package. Here are some of the highlights that you shouldn’t miss.

#1 Majestic Sunrise Views from Mount Batur

Many hikers come to Mount Batur for this reason and there is no doubt that you would love it too. You will hike tropical forest early in the morning and hike up the summit of Mount Batur within the dark. However, you won’t be disappointed because everything you see atop Mount Batur will be extremely beautiful.

#2 Soothing Visit to Toya Bungkah Hot Spring

After your wonderful Mount Batur sunrise trekking, you will be welcomed by the relaxing Toya Bungkah hot spring. Not to mention that magnificent Mount Batur view from the hot spring that will make your moment here far more relaxing.

The hot spring itself is actually another popular tourist destination in Kintamani District. It is considered as the place of sacred natural water which is beneficial for recovering various diseases like fatigue, headaches, swollen, fever, tight muscle and more.

#3 Additional Visit to Luwak Coffee Plantation

If you go with the right tour company, you will have a chance to visit Luwak coffee plantation as well after getting relaxed in the hot spring. Luwak coffee is known as one of the world’s most expensive coffee that has rich taste.

In addition to the Mount Batur sunrise trekking, it will add another unforgettable memory for your adventure in Bali. Here, you can see the plantation process and also taste the coffee yourself. Moreover, you will be able to get sample of the products that you can bring back to home.

Final Thoughts

Now, are you ready to go for an amazing adventure around Mount Batur? To get the most of your experience, we suggest you to go with the right tour company. Mount Batur tour packages offered by www.mountbatursunrisetrekking.com are highly recommended for you. Check the website now and you will discover the best deal for Mount Batur trek and hot spring packages