– Are you sunrise hunters? There are famous sunrise trek in Bali that offered very beautiful views from the mountain, its climbing mount batur for sunrise, interesting right? To climb mount batur there are available three famous starting point, in this article I would discus for Mount Batur Sunrise Trek via Pura Jati.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek via Pura Jati is the busies one starting point to climb mount Batur for sunrise, why? because this is the nearest one from Ubud and most of them doing sharing tour. For you who want to do sharing tour you may take route via Pura Jati. Ther trek will be like in the city because every 10 meter will be group of climber following each other.

Trek via Pura Jati during explore rim crater

The car park very wide, for you who want climb from Pura jati, you have to be there at 3,45 am, the trek via Pura jati take approximate 2 hours to the rim of the crater and take another 30 minutes to the summit. Actually this not the best Mount Batur Sunrise Trek starting point, but driver use this place for start the guest because they want find other group to shre guide and guest, here the driver can make money, so in you not want hiking with hustle and bustle people you must avoid Mount Batur Sunrise Trek via Pura Jati, this can be ruins your trip.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek via Pura Jati located on in the northerent foot of Batur volcano, around 1 hours drive from Ubud, everyday over 200 people hike via this starting point, especially for bag packers traveler. For people who want do private tour, the take route via Toya Bungkah, the best starting point to climb mount Batur.

That all about Mount Batur Sunrise Trek via Pura Jati, I hope this article can help you to consider which one is bets for you starti hike mount Batur Bali, f you want book or have any question, do not hesitate to contact me  via WatsApp. Than you and happy traveling.