Mount Batur Trekking Price – Mount Batur Bali is one of the famous volcanoes in Bali that grows by tourist the entire globe. Almost everyone who visits Mount Batur wants to know the price of Mount Batur tour. By reading this article I hope everyone know the right Mount Batur Trekking Price and make decision before book their sunrise tour to Mt Batur Bali. Here I from Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Com Management happy to share the fact price or rate Mount Batur Trekking might be useful for everyone. The price of Mount Batur trekking depending of agencies, kind of tours, starting point and pick up location, see and read bellow the description bellow:

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Mount Batur Trekking Price

Sit down on the sign of Mount Batur (Mount Batur Trekking Price)

A. Mount Batur trekking price base of agencies

There  are over hundreds  agencies offers Mount Batur tour but each agencies have own price, here bellow top companies offered service Mount Batur tour and have own price:

  • Bali Trekking Tour Com, this is local companies base I Ubd offered Mount Batut tour by 60 t0 65 USD per person. The tour participate minimal two person, the benefit can get are private tour, experiences guide, breakfast, and trekking equipment.
  • Bali Trekking Net Seminyak, this is the best and the famous Bali trekking company in Bali offered, this company offered 55 USD per person  for private tour (driver + guide), experiences local guide, yummy breakfast, trekking equipment and hot drink as well. This company guaranteed best services and money back.
  • Bali Sunrise tour, This Company offered Mount Batur Sunrise trekking tour from 55 USD/person, they do sharing tour but they also organize private tour as well, the starting point start from the villas in Toyabungkah.
  • The famous one id Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Com. This is local company nested in Ubud but own by local villager who live and grow up just oin the foot f Batur volcano, this company offered Private tour with full inclusive tour. The team is experiences and pure 100% local guide they not use third parties such common tour agencies in Ubud area. The Mount Batur trekking price offered by this company is 55 USD per person for Private tour.

B. Mount Batur Trekking price base on starting point

The starting point of mount Batur hike also effected the rate, if you choose starting point via private path Toyanbungkan and most of them do Private tour rate can get 60 usd to 55 usd per person and the other one via Pura Jati who most do sharing tour and not comfortable at all can get cheaper, rate between 50 to 45 usd per person. The trek from Toyabungkah much easier and through the actual summit 1.717 meter above sea level but trek via Pura jati just until rim of the crater, you can go to the summit but need walk on the slippery volcanic sand another 30 minutes. We recommend take private tour via Toyabungkah.

C. Mount Batur Trekking price private or sharing tour

There are two different tour who affected the price of mount Btaur trekking, that is private tour and sharing tour. Mount Batur trekking price for private tour can get from 60 USD per person to 55 USD per person, the tour include Private driver and guide, trekking equipment, breakfast and also water and hot drink as well. How about sharing tour? Of course sharing tour can get cheaper, the price rage between 50 usd to 45 usd per person but one car can have 7 to 8 passengers and also the guide as well. Most of them get bad experiences because not comfortable during their hike, you can see the reviews on TripAdviasor on UBUD sunrise trekking. They use unsatisfied serveice from the company offered, so private tour is the best for you.

D. Mount Batur trekking price large group and small group

This also affected the price of mount Batur tour, if more than 4 participants on the group will get cheaper, can get between 50 to 45 USD per person for private tour, and less that that rice for sharing tour. If small group will charger same normal prince, the tour usual charge minimal 2 participants in one group and the price will be 55 usd per person. If single person or solo traveler the rate for private tour between 90 to 85 usd for private inclusive inclusion. The price for our company 55$ per person for private tour and 85 usd for solo traveler, if more than 4 person can get good deal as well.

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RATE 55 USD per pax

Nb: Minimal 2 person i a group.