– Trekking to mount Batur is a trekking challenge? To avoid muscle injury and body sore with our Top Trekking Tips designed to make you a star trekker! There are many people offering trekking to mount Batur, so it’s no surprise that activities increasingly popular, prepare properly for your trek with our Top 10 Mount Batur Trekking Tips. It helps you prepare correctly for your trek so that you are not left nursing blisters and sore legs after the first day.

This kind of cloth that you should prepare to complete the Top 10 Mount Batur Trekking Tips

1. Start your trekking training early

Even if your plan to do Mount Batur trekking or Mount Batur sunrise trekking in 1 or 2 months away, it better start your exercise early to get to build your strength and fitness gradually. Give your body to adapt new demands that you are placing on it

2. Choose the proper footwear for your trek

Good quality and appropriate footwear for your trek and confort is essential. A supportive hiking boots with ankle protection is important to avoid hurt from sharp rock and sandy come in to boots. When purchasing your hiking shoes, try to shop in the afternoon when your feet have expanded slightly so that you get the right size

3. Don’t forget your walking socks

There are plenty of socks available in the shop, sometime this can be ruined your hike because forget to prepare right type of socks to wear. Many cases, proper hiking boots with the wrong socks will ruin your trekking trip.  So when trying on boots wear the socks must be comfort, thick and the materials from Coolmax that has absorb sweat properties.

4. Build leg strength with gym work

The leg strength will be key for your Mount Batur trek, so in addition running training which will strengthen your legs. It will be perfect if include either gym exercises such as lunges and bodyweight squats or leg presses and weighted squats.

5. Build your walking training

To conquer Mount Batur Bali, walking training will be the foundation of your strength to face up 9 km hike. So, by doing walking training earlier before ahead to Mount Batur can be more easily to conquer 1,717 meter above sea level. It better doing walking minimal 2 hours a day and it can be more closely replicates your actual trek.

6. Train on similar walking terrain

Walking training is essential, but it will be better if you can try and mimic the conditions on similar terrain of your trekking location. For example, find some hills nearby your home, try climb that hill some weekend once you have free time.

7. Practice using your backpack

Climbing to the mountain such as Mount Batur likely that you’ll be carrying items such as water (drink), food, spare clothing and possibly more. To anticipated this, you should choose right backpack. Try to find models with adjustable chest and waist straps so that you can position it correctly on your back and also with external compression straps so that the load doesn’t shift.

8. Use walking poles and Head Lamps

Especially for sunrise trek, you need right equipment, trekking poles and head lamps it a must. Both make a big difference while your ascent and descent during your hike. Trekking poles can be lightweight the load on knees and thighs on ascent and descents and head lamps made your hand free to hold the poles, definitely one to try.

9. Sleep earlier before ahead to Mount Batur

Although Mount Batur only 1,717 meter above sea level and can be conquer by 2 hours climb but it can be problem if climbers less sleep a night before ahead. So please go bed earlier because you will wake up at 1.30 am for sunrise trek. You can charge your energy while sleep and use it during your hike. Everything will be okay!

10. Do not eat too much in the night before ahead

Of course climbing need a lot of energy but eat too much one night before climbing will be problem during your hike and it can ruin your journey. Why? Usually as human being, if you are ate too much in the night, the day after you need defecate, its normal right? What the problem? On the top of Mount Batur not available toilet (not allowed defecate in some place on Mount Batur) if you want go to toilet you have go to the bush. This available only in the middle of the mountain, so to anticipate this problem you have control your stomach and try to have fruits for dinner.

The fitter you are before you depart it better, it make your hike to mount Batur easier. To climb mount Batur might be spend lot of money and time so it makes sense to get the most out of your trip. By following the top 10 Mount Batur Trekking tips above. Not only well prepared for climbing but you’ll get so much more out of your health and trekking experience.